Tommy the Turbine teaches wind-tech to County Antrim school children

30 March, 2023

Children at St Olcan’s Primary School and Armoy Primary School, County Antrim have been enjoying learning about the benefits of green energy thanks to a 6-week educational project run by renewable energy developer, ABO Wind.

Pupils from Key Stage 2 had the opportunity take part in a colouring competition to mark the end of the project, with pupils asked to submit entries illustrating sources of renewable energy.

Mrs Pauline Davison, an experienced teacher, who facilitated the renewable energy education initiative as part of ABO Wind’s community outreach, has been helping the children learn about wind energy in regular visits to the schools over the last six weeks. She says, “It has been my pleasure partnering with St Olcan’s Primary School and Armoy Primary School to talk to the children and teachers about renewable energy. We love hearing about what the pupils are doing in school and helping them to understand the role renewable energy plays now and will play in the future.

“I have used wind farm models, science activities and my book, ‘Tommy the Turbine’ the story of a County Antrim wind turbine, to help the children understand what wind energy is and how beneficial it is to reducing our energy bills.”

Principal of St Olcan’s Primary School, Mrs Maria Kennedy says, Our young people have had an opportunity to learn about science and technology through making and building model wind turbines with Pauline. The pupils have also enjoyed hearing about a local wind turbine called Tommy; when they can see a wind turbine nearby, it makes renewable energy relevant to them. We all have to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and transition towards using cleaner, greener energy such as wind and solar power.”

Principal of Armoy Primary Schools, Mrs Clare Steele comments “We have loved welcoming Pauline to the school and the children have really enjoyed learning about renewable energy. This is something that is so important to all of us as we work together to fight the effects of climate change. With ABO Wind’s support, our pupils and staff now have a greater understanding of the importance of renewable electricity and it has been a fantastic learning experience for everyone.”

Danielle O’Mullan, Development Project Assistant at ABO Wind says, “It was great to talk to the children at St Olcan’s Primary School and Armoy Primary School and answer their questions about my role at ABO Wind. I talked to the pupils about the subjects I studied at school that interested me and which led me to working for a wind energy company.

“It was so much fun, hearing all about what the children have learned about renewable energy over the last six weeks.

At ABO Wind we’re delighted to be working with and supporting local communities across Northern Ireland. We’re proud to be bringing forward projects across Northern Ireland that will help create a greener and more sustainable future for everyone.

“We passionately believe that renewable energy will play such an important role in everyone’s future.”

The educational outreach project with the schools is one of several that ABO is delivering to educate pupils about their environment.