New partnership to develop long-duration energy storage across Ireland

A new strategic partnership has been established to deliver innovative long-duration energy storage infrastructure across the island of Ireland.

Omnipower Renewables, a renewable energy development company based in Belfast will work alongside Australia’s Released Energy in a joint venture that aims to develop new renewable energy projects for the north and south of the island.

A major benefit of long duration energy storage, which will typically last 8 – 16 hours and more, is the ability to store excess electricity generated from renewables, particularly onshore and offshore wind farms to mitigate constraint and curtailment. 

The partnership will also focus on solving grid-related issues associated with the intermittent nature of renewable energy and on other sustainable energy solutions including green methanol production and ocean wave energy generation.

Greater levels of renewable energy generation and storage are seen as critical if the Irish Government and Northern Ireland Executive are to meet their 2030 renewable electricity consumption targets of 70% and 80% respectively.

The joint venture’s planned investments will help achieve a sustainable and secure supply of electricity for homes and businesses throughout the island of Ireland.

Speaking about the partnership, Tamasin Fraser, Managing Director of Omnipower Renewables said:

“There are fantastic opportunities to generate more renewable electricity across and around the island of Ireland, both onshore and offshore.

“These opportunities must become reality if our renewable electricity targets are to be met. To make that happen, we need innovative green solutions, and we must increase our ability to store more electricity for longer.

“Omnipower Renewables’ and Released Energy’s skills and experience perfectly align and will allow us to work together to help deliver a smooth and sustainable transition to clean energy across the island of Ireland.

“This will complement Omnipower Renewables’ delivery of new onshore wind, solar PV and shorter duration storage projects which will continue alongside our new venture with Released Energy.”

Michael Lees from Released Energy added:

“Released Energy is developing a number of projects in Australia and the UK which feature technologies spanning long duration energy storage, ocean wave to energy generation, and green methanol production.

“Our joint venture with Omnipower Renewables gives us the platform we need to bring these innovative solutions to the island of Ireland. Tamasin and her colleagues have the local knowledge and share our commitment to delivering long-term, sustainable answers to the challenges created by climate change.

“We have hit the ground running and look forward to making announcements in the time ahead as we establish and grow our pipeline of projects and invest further into Irelands clean energy transition.”